Speed 2

Cushion covering machine

Why SPEED 2?

  • Because the automatic machine SPEED 2 is intended to fill continuously and without any adjustment cushions of any dimension and of different materials as·: polyether foam, polyurethane foam, latex foam, rubber foam, wool, capok, down etc.
  • Because the time necessary to cover a cushion is 15 to 20 seconds in any material and of any shape and size.
  • Because the minimum opening of cushion covers is 300 mm/ for any type of material (cloth, leather, imitation leather etc.).
  • Because SPEED 2 can be used by any body. Due to its semplicity no particular skill is required.
  • Because SPEED 2 was born in answer to the requirements of the small and medium size upholstery industry.
  • Because SPEED 2 is built solid, simple and it is totally reliable. The running is pneumatic; it is equipped with a central self-lubricating device.
  • Because SPEED 2 can also ex tract the cushion from its cover.

Informazioni aggiuntive

  • Misura max cuscini: mm 800 x 800 x 250 h
  • Pressione aria: 6 ATM/BAR - 90 PSI
  • Consumo aria compressa: 112 NL each complete working cycle
  • Dimensioni della macchina: mm 1330 x 850 x 1320
  • Apertura min delle fodere: mm 300
  • Peso lordo: Kg 700
  • Dimensioni imballaggio: mm 1430 x 950 x 1520 h
  • Peso netto: Kg 580