EXACT 2 automatic button-fastening machine fastens buttons on cushions with great rapidity but also with extreme precision allowing a saving of effort, time and money.

The particular system of needles and needle-holder allows to fasten buttons in any position on cushions of any shape and allows to prearrange different button positions for different types of cushion without adjusting the machine whenever the type of cushion changes.

Needles have a sole length; they are self-adjustable: it is not necessary to change the length of the needles according to the cushion thickness, but the same needle is good for whatever cushion thickness.

The machine is equipped with a safety device.

The running of the machine is pneumatic, lubrication is automatic and maintenance very easy.

Standard machine is supplied with: 4 pairs of pressing bars, 4 needle-holder-bars, 5 needle-holders, 5 needles (round point).
On request additional pressing bars, needle-holder-bars, needle-holders and needles can be supplied. Needles are available both with round and triangular point. Triangular point is advisable with those materials that, when pressed, become very hard (such as synthetic fibres and down).


On request the machine can be supplied able to insert buttons on a maximum area of mm L 1250 x 630 H.
Maximum area for application of buttons: on this area the machine can fasten up to 25 buttons (on medium-density cushions) or up to 15 buttons (on very high density-cushions).



Additional Info

  • Minimum size of cushions: Mm 250
  • Air pressure: 6 ATM/BAR – 90 PSI
  • Max area for application of buttons: Mm 720 L x 630 H
  • Height of work-table: Mm 830
  • Minimum distance between button and loop: Mm 30
  • Quantità of compressed air: 50 NL ogni ciclo
  • Machine dimensions: Mm 1160x830x1490 H
  • Packing dimension: Mm 1300x950x1750 H
  • Gross weigth: Kg. 380
  • Net weigth: Kg. 280


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