Machine to fasten buttons; buttons are fastened on the cushion with rapidity and precision. You act on adjustable eyelets which allow to fasten the buttons on any position of cushions of any shape. The machine is to be placed on a workbench. Running of machine is pneumatic, lubrication automatic.


Additional Info

  • Minimum size of cushions: cm. 25
  • Air pressure: 6 BAR /ATM - 90PSI
  • Max area for application of buttons: cm. 72 larg. cm. 63 altezza
  • Minimum distance between button and loop: cm. 2.5 (condizionata al ø del bottone e allo spessore del cuscino)
  • Quantità of compressed air: 15 NL ogni ciclo
  • Machine dimensions: cm. 90 x 80 x 70h
  • Packing dimension: cm. 110 x 100 x 100h
  • Gross weigth: Kg. 150
  • Net weigth: Kg. 75


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