Delta Filler

DELTA FILLER is a machine designed to fill cushions and mattresses for garden and camping furniture , but it is able to fill mattress made in polyurethane foam and polyurethane foam covered with fiber, with 18 cm (7") max thickness. It is the most automated machine on the market today.

  • DELTA FILLER machine is equipped with the RS MA TIC exclus1ve transport system wh1ch allows a gradual reduction of the mattress avoiding fo lds or undulations, allowing a smooth filling to take place.
  • The 90 cm. (35") transport bars allow the cover to be pulled over the mattress with ease.
  • The transport bars are adjustable both horizontally , according to the mattress width or cover opening, and vertically, according to the mattress thickness.
  • The machine operates at a speed of 1.6 metres per second which would give an average production of 360 mattresses of 45 cm. x 120 c(18" x47") per hour.
  • The machine is equipped with safety devices easily operated in case of emergencies. It has a START-STOP push button according to EEregulations; an auto-lock emergence push button on the machine front and emergency chains along the machine back.