In 1979 ... The  machine that everyone is waiting for.... except our competitors. 

materasso a molle

Is the new machine to cover cushions and is apt to resolve any production problem, because:

  • It covers simultaneously several cushions, different in size, shape and material, just by adjusting the separators.
  • EVOLUTION is ideal for SPRING CUSHIONS and good for any type of materials as: polyether foam, polyurethane foam, latex foam, rubber foam, wool, capok, down etc.
  • The opening of cushion covers must be equal to the length of the cushion.
  • EVOLUTION is fast. To cover two spring cushions simultaneously, in the size of 650x750x200 mm. takes only 80 seconds.
  • EVOLUTION is simple to use. It does not require any specialized worker and can be operated by one or two operators.
  • EVOLUTION is strongly built and simple. Up-keep is easy.
  • EVOLUTION operates electrically and pneumatically.